I am a joint NASA Hubble Fellow and a Carnegie-Princeton Fellow at Princeton University.

My research spans a wide range of topics across the field of observational near-field cosmology, with a focus on the evolution and dynamics of low-mass galaxies, globular clusters, dark matter, and studies of the low surface brightness universe. My work incorporates observational and theoretical evidence drawn from studies of galaxies and globular clusters to build a cohesive narrative of the nature of dark matter and its important interplay with the baryonic matter on small scales.

I like thinking about creative data-driven methods for exploring and discovering astrophysical objects and phenomena that were not known to us before.

My CV (Nov 2022)

Research Interests

Galaxy formation and evolution; near-field cosmology; dwarf galaxies; ultra-diffuse galaxies; globular clusters; galactic dynamics; stellar populations; low surface brightness imaging and spectroscopy; astronomical surveys; instrumentation.

Contact Information

sdanieli-at-astro.princeton.edu or sdanieli-at-princeton.edu

Peyton Hall

Princeton University

Princeton, NJ 08544

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